Thales Optronics Test Automation

Photograph: Ray Troll published & hosted by The Guardian – Dec 2010

Optronics is a division of Thales that is responsible for products including Infra Red Search & Track equipment for Eurofighter & Rafale, Self Protection Systems such as Warning Receivers & Countermeasures, Sighting Systems, Submarine Sensor Systems & Electro-optic aircraft reconnaissance pods.

Lulsgate’s experience in Test Automation was called upon to help Thales Optronics automate part of their Acceptance Test process using XML & XQuery technologies.

With the development work undertaken by Lulsgate Ltd the analysis of PIRATE Acceptance Test Results was dramatically reduced from several man days to minutes using automation.

Test results obtained from the new automated process were formatted in HTML & CSS and uploaded to an Apache Tomcat server where they could be checked by a Test Analyst.