HP AMPA Systems Integration


Tornado GR4 Through Smoke by Mike Jorgensen

HP’s Advanced Mission Planning Aid (AMPA) is a highly configurable Mission Planning application for the RAF deployed across multiple aircraft types.

Lulsgate worked with HP to assist with the Systems Integration of BAE’s Tactical Information Exchange Capability (TIEC) for Tornado GR4. TIEC is a specialised datalink that passes information from Tactical Data Link (TDL) networks directly into the cockpit.

The upgrade is a key Network Enabled Capability programme for the UK MoD and involves the integration of Link-16 and Improved Data Modem (IDM) on the aircraft. TIEC will integrate the Link-16 and IDM messaging functionality with the aircraft systems to provide the aircrew with enhanced situation awareness that will enable the prosecution of Time Critical and Time Sensitive Targets and will support dynamic re-tasking of the platform and provide a significant enhancement in the area of coalition operations.” [Source: generaldynamics.uk.com]